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Ms. Maryam Al-Alawi, Founder & CEO, Soshtech

Ms. Maryam Al- Alawi
Founder & CEO
Soshteck - Sultanate of Oman

Abstract:    " The Impact of Social Media on SME's "

Since there is a Trand Going about the SME's development In GCC and how they are outreaching and achieving there goals in Social media, i would like to have a spot specking about how can an SME reach there Audience to become a Global Business Leader. Her Topic will be supported in its presentation on the 3 following elements :

* Culture environment - Locally
* SME Challenges in Content Development
* Digital Devices
* Study cases of Oman Example


A Social media consultant with work excprienss that dealt with many account of gov entity, graduate as a Computer Applications from Asia's Silicon Valley Bangalore City in India, her current job is to makes sure all the unique messages reaches out to our online audience no matter what or where it gets there.

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