Our Start

Since our establishment in 2002, ProMedia Company has strived to provide excellence in its services through ongoing achievements in developing the knowledge, skills and abilities of human capital in the State of Kuwait, Our strategy at that time based on the submission a range of training programs, whether for a group of institutions or at the level of general training with the constant concern to listen good and deep for our customers in conjunction with the follow-up, and a study of the local markets.
Since then, ProMedia has become an institution with expertise in the field of business, and the strategic development of human resources. On the basis of our head office in Kuwait, we extended our business activity to include the GCC (Kuwait, KSA), Egypt markets and the world through strategic partnerships, and specialized institutions around the world that share the same approach to provide the best training and development practices.
Now ProMedia has a global perception with respect to its ability to develop and deliver programs in the areas of training and development. The prudent management, teamwork, vision, as well as the spirit of the competition was the most important characteristics upon which the Chairman of the Board of Directors depended during the past twelve years. At the same time it serves as a qualification which enabled the management and workers to have access to what we are now and to prove our steps and our position in the State of Kuwait as a leader, and leadership in the areas of training and institutional development.

Our Training Services

Over the years, our clients from the public and private sectors acknowledged ProMedia training courses as a trust resource to develop their employees’ skills and knowledge either by participating in our public courses or attending programs that totally tailored –made, focused and dynamic.
We provide tailored training courses that can be brought directly to our clients at any suitable venue, we have an extensive experience in delivering tailored-made training in English or other languages that exclusively address any organization needs.
ProMedia work team always believes to provide training programs for each client in line with the nature of their needs and expectations and make it in the output of our priorities. Our business model focuses on adding value to our customers as well as to our partners, which offers the opportunity to both parties to enter our network to allow for maximizing benefit through the possibility of bidding and modern styles and effective communication between all parties.

Our Training Methodology

ProMedia based on in the provision of training programs on a broad base of components and interactive methods that target the link between the performances of the permanent participants in those programs better acquainted practical real.
We always follow the entrance of the training that based on maximizing the pivot abilities , skills and current knowledge of the participants and consider them as the starting point to bring about the desired development and ensuring that development a reflection on the performance of the participants in their jobs. In our quest to achieve that, ProMedia uses a variety of strategies and tactics, interactive training and simulation that follow the creation of a permanent target to represent the roles.
We strive to learn through experience, where we can provide participants with a range of knowledge and ideas, skills and behaviors of modern through their personal experiences , for example, our experts offer targeted models in addition to providing theoretical explanation analytical and then he takes the role of leader of the participants in order to broaden their understanding of what and how to apply those models and theories, according to the nature and strategies of their jobs and their organizations.

Our Non Training Services

Along with training services activities mentioned above, ProMedia provides also a range of Non Training Services such as:


We organize specialized conferences; where speakers from prominent companies are invited to share their experiences and success stories, transfer the latest developments in the industry. Our conferences are up-to date and very practical. The speakers are considered “Authorities” in their field and Practitioners as well, with local and international experience.


We provide consulting services for both private and governmental sectors, thereby it helps organizations, bodies and various ministries to analyze its current position in the markets, as well as identifying the most important problems and challenges in order to improve access to the productivity and performance.
We also provide consulting services to support the institutions to adopt new strategies and plans, in addition to providing support in the field of change management and the development of operational plans for access to the possibility of providing support in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of those plans.

Our Vision

We seek to be the first choice in the areas of training, and development of the Gulf region and Middle East by helping our clients to achieve their goals in these areas.

Our Mission

We are a leading training and Consultancy Company in the region, ProMedia’s look out for our clients’ best interest, is an environment where our staff are valued and challenged.

Our Customer – Oriented Business Model

Our approach is to provide permanent services from six key elements which represent a real strength of our company; these key elements are shown in the following diagram:

Our Values


We should provide services that are responsive to our clients’ needs and expectations, in addition to foster an enjoyable work environment for our employees.

Team Work

We value the sharing of knowledge, for that we support each other professionally and personally.


We value our peoples’ ideas, culture, views and their knowledge .Demonstrate respect for our clients, colleagues, associates, competitors and the public.


We seek to creativity and flexibility in our way of thinking, we implement changes that add value to our services and improve our work process.