Cross-Industry Innovation

One Day Masterclass

17 May 2022

Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel

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The world has many complex challenges which cannot be solved anymore from a single dimension, (innovation) leaders need to understand the enormous value which can be obtained by (re)mixing ideas across silos and learning from other industries. Cross-industry cooperation between various sectors can be a driving force behind innovation.

Cross-industry innovation refers to innovation which comes about by applying cross-sector analogies and by transferring approaches from one industry to another. Analogies can be drawn at a variety of levels ranging from products, services, technology, strategy & business models.

Major innovations are becoming increasingly difficult these days as most industries are quite mature. Today’s products, services and business models are nevertheless largely shaped by the mindset of their respective industry. Drawing analogies beyond the borders of one’s own industry can therefore open up interesting new perspectives and be a significant source of major innovative steps.

Ramon Vullings will outline the need for ‘idea DJs’ in today’s organisations. Based on his research for his latest book: Not Invented Here: cross-industry Innovation, Ramon will give insights & examples on how to learn from other sectors and markets and what the role of Creative Industries can be in those collaborations. This masterclass is your opportunity to acquire next level innovation skills.

17 May 2022


  • Cross-industry innovation in action
    Discover the power of learning from other sectors to transform & boost your business
  • Cross-industry tools & techniques
    Learn how to structurally search for insights for your business challenges
  • Be an idea DJ
    Build your own cross-industry innovation capacity


Ramon Vullings is an engaging international keynote speaker, author of three management books on business creativity and cross-sector innovation, Ramon is also a cross-industry expert consultant & idea DJ wowing audiences around the globe.

In his work Ramon speaks about how to bring the outside world in, as well as why remixing of ideas cross-sector is a smart strategy. Organizations including NASA, Rabobank, Nike and PwC bring him in to provide the kind of innovative strategies, tools & skills to look beyond the borders of their domain and transform their business in a smarter way.

Besides his work as international speaker and innovation consultant, Ramon is an executive professor at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven and at the Antwerp Management School. He is also chairman of the European Association for Creativity & Innovation (EACI).


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